Zoe Chace

This is just one shelf. This is a shelf at work that I only tweaked slightly for this picture. These books are a mixture of: books that are the best example of reporting I’ve ever read (Nothing to Envy, The Big Short); books that meant a lot during one particular story (The Euro, The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy); books that I need so that I know what I’m doing (Grand Pursuit, Sound Reporting) and reference books (The Bible, Macroeconomics.)

I also included lip balm and a little creature because those are always around my desk.


Zoe Chace explains the mysteries of the global economy for NPR’s Planet Money. As a reporter for the team, Chace knows how to find compelling stories in unlikely places, including a lollipop factory in Ohio struggling to stay open, a pasta plant in Italy where everyone calls in sick, and a recording studio in New York mixing Rihanna’s next hit.

Website: Planet Money
Twitter: @zchace