Sally Wilton

I love books, from my Mum’s classic green crime penguins to my Northern Nigerian ex library battered copies of Tintin’s adventures. Wine boxes make my bookshelves, a good excuse to keep on drinking as my collection grows and grows!

Seamus Heaney for a reminder of my Irish countryside youth to Jim Harrison’s wonderfully evocative Brown Dog stories. Poetry has a real place in life and on the bookshelf and the rest is an eclectic romp from business strategy to bee keeping by way of architecture, eco building, and organic farming and not forgetting Mark Cousin’s fab “The Story of Film”.

One of the very best biographies has to be Patti Smiths “Just Kids” and a host of wonderful women writers like Doris Lessing, Annie Proux, Marge Piercy, Janette Winterson, Pat Parker and Maggie Gee join the ranks of favourites like Iain Banks and Ian Rankin – just love Rebus and his musical taste. Two summer favourites have just been added to the shelf, Taiye Selooi’s fantastic “Ghana Must Go” and Evie Wyld’s “All the birds are singing”.

Nothing beats the feel and heft of a book in your hand and the escape to new worlds and adventures that books offer AND nothing beats a good indie bookshop, my collection continues to grow and grow.


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