Robert Fisk

Widely regarded as the western world’s Middle Eastern expert, no one knows the region and its turbulent history better than Robert Fisk.

In response to inundated requests, Fisk, who writes for the Independent newspaper in the UK, does his best to offer a list, written in the English language, for anyone looking to grasp a better understanding of  the Middle East.

“I don’t go along with the idea that you can produce a balance sheet of books. Here’s the Israeli version. Here’s the Arab version. Here’s the madcap American version etc. The Middle East is about injustice. So who tells the story best?”

In no particular order
Seven Pillars of Wisdom (T E Lawrence)
The Arab Awakening (George Antonius)
The Gun and the Olive Branch (David Hirst)
Beirut (Samir Kassir)
Orientalism (Edward Said)
1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War (Benny Morris)

And of course we have to mention Fisk’s incredible body of work too.

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