Luke Moore

‘We bought our first house earlier this year and upon arriving at it for the first time after picking up the keys, we walked into the living room to be met with this glorious, hand-carved, bookcase that the previous owners had left behind. One of the first things we did was fill it (and more) with all of our fiction, organised alphabetically by author. Just having it in view all the time means I’ve picked up and re-read passages and chapters from my favourite novels quite a few times since moving in, not least P.G. Wodehouse who sits right near the end (under ‘W’ of course) and is my favourite author.’

The bookcase is the best thing about our new place and I hope to fill many more like it in the coming years.’


Luke Moore is a founding member of The Football Ramble, and can be heard on the podcast every week. He also has contributed to ESPN, BBC 5 Live, BBC Radio London, Sky News and ITV.

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