Leigh Russell

This one of my bookcases is full of crime novels written by contemporary authors. I’m very proud that Peter James, Jeffery Deaver and Lee Child are all fans of my detective, Geraldine Steel. Another favourite bookcase, which is equally full, sits discreetly in the corner of my bedroom. This ‘private’ bookcase contains one of every copy of my books published so far, proof copy and sale copy, paperbacks and hardbacks, foreign translations and large print books. It is quite a collection, and growing, with around 30 editions so far. I had to down the contents of the Champagne bottle at the side of this bookcase in order to display the quill pen I use to write with. (And if you believe any of that, you really shouldn’t read my crime fiction novels… I’d hate to give you nightmares!)

Leigh Russell writes the Geraldine Steel crime series, and the Ian Peterson series. Publishers include No Exit Press, Harper Collins, Mondadori and Bastei Lubbe. Links to her books, facebook, twitter, and blog, can be found on her website @ leighrussell.co.uk