K Dynamite

Above you will find 3 pictures of the three main shelves of my bookshelf. Some explanation is required: my wife, in an effort to avoid stacks of books piling up, frequently asks me to purge my shelf of unwanted items. Strangely, this has resulted in my bookshelf being mostly a time-machine snapshot from about 15 years ago: the books I was reading then, about gambling, poker, markets, etc. There are of course a few newer titles that you’ll see in there, but mostly I find that when I’m reading something good these days, it’s a book that my wife read and recommended to me, and that we then pass along to someone else when we’ve each finished it.


Kid Dynamite spent 8 years as a trader at a major Wall Street investment bank. From June 1999 thru April 2005 he specialised in portfolio trading, and from May 2005 thru November 2007 he was the head trader for an internal hedge fund on the buy side of the same firm where he managed a multi-billion dollar merger arbitrage portfolio, and continued to implement portfolio trading related strategies as well.

Now Kid Dynamite lives in the woods of New Hampshire, makes maple syrup, tends to his garden, and spends his time trying to correct erroneous hype all over the internet.

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