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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Paris

You won’t find books from the NY Times Best Sellers list on my shelf. You won’t see names like Grisham, Quindlen, King, or J. K. Rowling.

I enjoyed reading when I was a kid but I admit, not proudly, that I’ve been a light reader ever since … a fact that surprises even me. I have been a writer for much of my life and it seems like a love of reading is supposed to accompany my love of writing. But I tend to get bored easily. I read mostly books that feed my professional interests and specific personal passions. Fortunately, my business is a fun one. In 2006, I created my LLC, Laugh to Live, with the mission of promoting laughter and humor to help people enrich their lives. I speak professionally, perform improv and stand-up comedy and lead laughter yoga workshops, so many of the books on my shelf are about comedy and the power of laughter. Of course, business is business so I also like books about marketing and promotion, etc.

The rest of my shelf is occupied by books about two of my burning passions: France and artist Vincent Van Gogh. I often wonder if I was French in another life because I have felt affection for all things French since I was clad in plaid attending Catholic grade school. I have been fortunate enough to visit Paris and surrounding cities twice and to spend a week in Provence with the couple I met on a train in France during my first visit. Even more thrilling for me, I have visited Van Gogh’s grave site in the city of Auvers-sur-Oise, France and toured the churches, olive trees and many other subjects of his paintings there and in south eastern France.

The last two books on my shelf that I want to mention are the two books I have written and published. The first, He’s Not Prince Charming When…, published in 2010, is a collection of original illustrations concocted by me but not drawn by me, and short stories and one-liners about my years of unfortunate dating. The second, Wartz And All, published in 2012, is a children’s book about a frog named Wartz who learns to stop hopping ahead of his forest friends along the trail where they live – a trail that is based on the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail that is about 8 miles from my house in Scranton, PA.

I used to love hearing the frogs “talking” in the pond near the trail as I did my early morning runs. The little creatures inspired my story and thanks to a community grant, I turned the story into a book with some help from the illustrator from my first book.

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