Frances Teehan

One day, I long to have all my books together to form a masterful library with those sliding ladders and secret doorways. Until then, my vast collection is spread mainly across three locations: the bookshelves at my home in Guernsey; the boxes packaged upon leaving university which now dominate my bedroom in Guernsey; and my current store here in Harpenden.

I’ve been working at Oldcastle Books for almost a year now and during this time I have been lodging across the road which makes for the best commute imaginable. It’s a great place to work, a lovely community and my room is wonderful. However, bookshelf space is limited, so I have had to fashion my own for the small collection of books I have acquired over the last few months.

Since I started writing for Book2Book along with launching my Franny & Perks blog with Amy Perkins almost 3 months ago, I have been receiving review copies from all over the place – this is a dream for any book lover and recently has been especially useful for getting my hands on the Man Booker longlist titles – as you can see I already have Orfeo and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. I think this small set of books reflects my tastes well – I am an avid fan of literary fiction, and some of my favourite titles of the year are on this shelf: Burial Rites, Americanah and The Luminaries to highlight a few. I do have a tendency to lend books I’ve enjoyed to friends so notable absences include The Miniaturist, Life After Life and The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair. There are also a couple of cookery books here which equally show my tastes – namely baking and tapas.

In addition to books, I like to collect objects that represent memories. Some people call this hoarding, but I like to think that these add character to my makeshift shelf. So, I have my time-turner from Harry Potter Studios, my invitation to the Baileys Prize Awards Ceremony, Pulp! The Classics merchandise, tickets to ballet at the ROH and Shakespeare at the Globe, photos of friends and places, and of course my loom bracelet made by our neighbour. I also have a digital corner where I’d pile my macbook, iPad, kindle, phones, camera – the lot. I rely heavily on these objects so they are worthy of a spot on my otherwise traditional shelf.

I can only see this pile going up so I will try to continue my current practice of placing books TBR closer to the top of the pile where those two Booker titles and two YA titles currently reside.

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