Faisal Kapadia

On my shelves you will find books about the subcontinent, where I live here in Pakistan, as well as books on fiction and my personal favourite Lord of the Rings. I also have a selection of books on sufism culture and poetry. Im a dreamer, I like to dream big and I try to use technology to make those dreams come true. I am also a patriot and a collector of biographies of which my favourite is Al Capone’s tale of how he rose through the ranks in Chicago back in the day.


Faisal Kapadia is an Entrepreneur, Writer and Blogger based in Karachi, Pakistan. You can find his personal blog over at faisalkapadia.com. In print he is a feature writer for The Friday Times & The Express Tribune and the Urdu Editor for Global Voices. He is also the Director of Digital Strategy & Founding partner of Mindmap Communications, a self proclaimed Star wars nut, Creative speller and holder of an opinion on many things; most of them pretty strong. His twitter id is @faisalkapadia.