Benedict Brogan

My books are spread somewhat randomly around the house. The mix is fairly eclectic, with plenty of old favourites. There’s more CS Forester than Tolstoy and more Dumas than Proust. One of my most cherished is a first edition of Scoop that Bill Deedes signed for me as ‘not quite William Boot’. I inherited a lot from my grandparents, and always have several on the go at once, but struggle to find time to read more than 30mins a day.

I try to keep political books in my study, where they fight for space on the shelves with an accumulation of objects: my grandmother’s archaeology equipment, chips of the Berlin wall, a porcelain statue of General Napier, a Saddam watch, a bottle of “Bottler Brown” beer from the 2010 election, a photo taken by Johnny Yeo of me wearing my demon eyes tie on the Blair battle bus in 2001, a Texas spittoon, lots of political mugs, a cultural revolution statuette of a peasant and worker astride a missile, my great-uncle’s WWI medals, my diaries, a Lobby chairman tankard and a silver box from the old city in Damascus. Just out of sight is the life-size cut-out of David Miliband waving a banana that I borrowed from Tory conference in 2008.


Benedict Brogan is a leading political columnist, blogger and interviewer for the Daily Telegraph.

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