Barry Forshaw

I have no complaints. It’s very pleasant being thought of as a crime fiction and film pundit – but there is one nagging caveat. At various author lunches (where my wine glass is always being filled), I occasionally meet people who seem surprised that I read anything but genre fiction – but if the truth be told, literary fiction remains my first love (or one of them). Although, God knows, I don’t have enough time to read it. When did I last tread (metaphorically) the fields of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex? Or dodge the Tonton Macoute in the Haiti of Graham Greene’s The Comedians? (Although, come to think of it, the latter really is a thriller.) But as you can see, Hardy and Greene are still on my shelves for when I’ll have the time to pick them up again – if retirement ever beckons. Or even if it doesn’t…


Barry Forshaw’s books include British Crime Film and Death in a Cold Climate. Other work: Nordic Noir, British Gothic Cinema, Euro Noir, the HRF Keating Award-winning British Crime Writing and Italian Cinema. He also writes for various newspapers and edits Crime Time.

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